Lysander Funds Limited Announces Changes to Lysander-Slater Preferred Share ActivETF

TORONTO, Ontario – June 19, 2023 – Lysander Funds Limited (“Lysander”) announced today changes in the investment strategies of Lysander-Slater Preferred Share ActivETF (the “Lysander ActivETF”). The Lysander ActivETF may invest up to 30% of its net asset value, at the time of investment, in income-generating securities that are non-preferred shares. In addition, the Lysander ActivETF may make greater use of underlying funds to gain exposure to the desired securities, instead of investing in the securities directly. Prior to these changes, the Lysander ActivETF had a limit of investing no more than 10% of its assets in income-generating securities that are non-preferred shares, and would only invest in underlying funds, on a limited basis, to gain exposure to preferred shares.

Slater Asset Management Inc., the portfolio manager of the Lysander ActivETF, believes that these changes to the investment strategies will allow the Lysander ActivETF greater flexibility to respond to changes in the market, both for opportunistic or defensive purposes.

The Lysander ActivETF’s investment objectives and management fees remain the same.

Lysander is the trustee and investment fund manager of Lysander-Slater Preferred Share ActivETF. The head office of Lysander is located at 3080 Yonge Street, Suite 3037, Toronto, Ontario M4N 3N1.

For further information on Lysander, please visit, email or you can reach Lysander at 1-877-308-6979.

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