About Canso Investment Counsel

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. (Canso) rejects “efficient market” theory. Canso believes that the financial markets are subject to human emotion and biases and are thus inherently inefficient.

The human predisposition to simplify causes the segmentation of financial assets by credit rating, geography and other issuer characteristics. These create artificial distortions that exacerbate market inefficiencies. Market participants frequently misinterpret or overlook critical information when forming investment opinions. Canso exploits these market inefficiencies by investing in mispriced securities, across the capital structure of issuers on a global basis.

The Canso emphasis on “bottom up” fundamental analysis of issues and issuers avoids overvaluation and concentrates portfolios in undervalued securities. To summarize: “Canso buys cheap stuff”.

Successful investing generates its returns over very long time periods, through the extremes of the economic and market cycles.

At Canso, “Clients Come First”. Canso believes that their singular mission is to deliver the highest possible risk-adjusted returns to those who have entrusted them with funds to manage. Canso believes that Canso clients should have the same opportunities as they have. This ensures that the Canso staff investment interests are aligned with its clients.

The Canso Team

Canso employs an active management strategy to exploit inefficiencies in the financial markets. Canso’s investment success depends on the experience, knowledge, patience and collaboration of its investment staff. Canso’s investment team consists of over two dozen employees with backgrounds in banking, lending, private placements, research, security analysis and trading. The other Canso staff support the investment team in the investment administration of portfolios and client service.

(1) Canso’s Investment Grade and Broad Corporate bond mandates are in the top quartile of the Pavilion™ Performance Appraisal Report of Canadian fixed income managers since inception in 1997.

Investment Philosophy

The intensive Canso research approach includes an exhaustive bottom up fundamental review of the business, financial and operational condition and prospects of an issuer. A key differentiator in the Canso process is a detailed review of Credit Agreements, Offering Memorandums and Trust Indentures. Understanding contractually the ranking in the capital structure and the available legal remedies should an investment deteriorate allows management of the downside risk and realization of value of investments when things do not go as planned. This knowledge gives Canso the confidence to invest in securities that others avoid and to avoid securities others are buying.

Independent analysis is the lifeblood of Canso. Personal bias is reduced by avoiding traditional analyst segmentation along asset class and industry lines. The focus is on internal proprietary research. Canso does not rely on external investment dealer analysts or credit rating agencies as part of its investment process. Internal credit ratings and maximum loss estimates are assigned to all of the issues held in our portfolios. The proprietary Canso “Maximum Loss” discipline ensures that Canso maximizes the return potential of selected securities while at the same time safeguarding the overall portfolio against loss on any one position.

The Canso investment team spends much of its time ensuring the consistency and continuity of its investment approach. This ensures that Canso portfolios are prepared to capitalize on opportunity and resists the allure of the latest investment fads.