Lysander Funds Ltd.

About Us

Lysander Funds Limited (Lysander) is a Canadian, employee-owned investment fund manager who partners with experienced and independent Portfolio Managers to provide specialized strategies that help investors reach their long-term financial goals.

How does Lysander Create Value?

Lysander works with registered Investment Advisors to find solutions to challenges facing investors in today’s markets. Lysander strives to understand the needs of the investor, the Investment Advisor and the dealer to provide intelligent solutions for modern portfolios.

Lysander’s Partner Portfolio Managers have been carefully selected based on long term track records of investment success, integrity and specialized investment experience. Our Partner Portfolio Managers offer institutional style management and high conviction portfolios across various asset classes. Both Lysander and our Partner Portfolio Managers are invested alongside our clients in our products.

Our Story

Lysander is named after the Westland Lysander, an aircraft developed for the Royal Air Force toward the outset of the Second World War. The Lysander was renowned for its advanced streamlined design and steadfast performance which proved essential to many covert missions behind enemy lines.

The Lysander earned its reputation for its reliability and versatility during both war and peacetime. This aircraft embodies our philosophy: applying innovative but disciplined thinking to consistently reach targets, even through turbulent financial markets.

Tim Hicks, Lysander Funds Founding Partner, discusses the Lysander name and the founding of our firm in 2009.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lysander Funds Limited (Lysander) believes that it is our social responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and work.

At Lysander we are proud to support: