Fund Profiles

Lysander-Seamark Balanced Fund

LYZ910 A/F


The Fund’s objective is to provide long-term total returns consisting of both income and capital gains by investing primarily in a portfolio of fixed income securities and equities.

Lysander-Seamark Total Equity Fund

LYZ912 A/F


The Fund’s objective is to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of companies anywhere in the world.


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About SEAMARK Asset Management Ltd.

SEAMARK Asset Management Ltd. (SEAMARK) is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based investment counsel with over 30 years of investment management experience.

SEAMARK focuses on preserving and enhancing clients’ assets over the long-term. Since the inception of SEAMARK in 1982, its experienced investment professionals have followed a team-based process that consistently applies clearly articulated investment principles to meet each client’s objectives.

Well away from the towers of Bay Street’s financial district, SEAMARK has a long history of plying its own independent brand of money management on behalf of institutions and retail investors from coast to coast. The firm prides itself in inherently managing risk in its portfolios: “Risk management is in our DNA”.

Investment Philosophy

SEAMARK recognizes that equity ownership offers the greatest investment potential over the long-term. SEAMARK views any allocation to bonds as safe money requiring principal protection and liquidity. SEAMARK believes asset mix is optimally determined from the bottom-up. The bottom-up view holds that risk cannot be efficiently managed by a top down approach, shifting among asset allocations based upon constant changes in complex macroeconomic factors. The SEAMARK investment professional’s focus on the key fundamental characteristics of every single investment, thus allowing risk to be managed as each security is added to a portfolio. This strategy proposes that every single investment is capable of better withstanding impulses of the market, versus a top down approach which inherently results in paying less attention to risk and value at the individual security level. SEAMARK’s approach is like building a house, where long term stability is built upon a solid foundation.