About Triasima

Triasima Portfolio Management Inc. is an independent investment firm, owned by employees and directors, and whose track record dates back to 1998. The investment team has an average of 18 years of experience with most managers working together since inception.

The investment management process is the result of the application of the Three Pillar Approach™, a unique and sophisticated security assessment tool, followed by the portfolio construction and risk management process.

Investment Philosophy

  • Systematic, rigorous, and methodical investment process.
  • Well defined inputs (fundamental, quantitative, and trend) to enhance analysis and decision making.
  • Maintain value and growth simultaneously to structure portfolios for stability and consistency of results.
  • A strong sell discipline.
  • Proprietary analysis and research.

Investment Methodology

Triasima’s investment methodology, known as the Three Pillar Approach™, combines three methods of analysis:

  • Traditional qualitative fundamental analysis, itself a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis;
  • Quantitative analysis, which utilizes multivariate factors models applied through computer screens; and
  • Trend analysis, which utilizes market trend recognition indicators.

The outcomes of the three analytical methods are combined to arrive at an overall assessment of a security. The process is holistic and each pillar is independent. This feature increases objectivity and reduces emotional biases.

In addition, the methodology is style agnostic. The portfolios can migrate over time from having a value emphasis to a growth emphasis (and vice versa) according to the course of action recommended by the methodology, consistently applied by the experienced team of portfolio managers.

Risk management

Risk management is an integral part of the investment process and is naturally embedded within the Three Pillar Approach™.

Portfolio construction and risk management is incorporated to ensure stability and consistency of results in both down and up markets. In fact, historically Triasima added more value in down markets.