Established in 2000 by Vito Maida, Patient Capital Management is an independent firm with a highly disciplined and focused investment strategy anchored in Absolute Value. The sole purpose of Patient Capital is to preserve and grow the wealth of investors through the implementation of a long-term investment strategy focused on the purchase of high-quality businesses at a substantial discount to their intrinsic value. When fully invested the portfolio will hold approximately twenty to twenty five securities in order to maximize the return potential of each security selection. The fund will look very different from equity indices.

Patient Capital’s focus is on preservation of capital and it only invests in securities that meet very strict criteria for value and quality. Patient Capital invests exclusively in well-established companies that it can analyze and understand with a high degree of certainty.

Lysander-Patient Capital Equity Fund invests in the equity securities of high quality companies with an Absolute Value focus.

Vito Maida, President and Portfolio Manager, provides background on the team and process at Patient Capital Management.

Mansur Khan, Vice President of Research, Patient Capital Management, speaks to his background in finance and why value investing is important today.