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Canso and GICs – May 2022

1. Greater Initial Yield–Lysander-Canso fixed income funds’ portfolios generally have greater yields than 1-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year GICs as of March 31st, 2022 2. Historical Outperformance–Lysander-Canso fixed income funds have demonstrated outperformance compared to GICs, as…

Slater Monthly Recap – April 2022

The Preferred Share market was volatile in April with the S&P/TSX Preferred Share Total Return Index (the “Index”) losing 7.04%. Series F of the Lysander-Slater Preferred Share Dividend Fund (the “Fund”) and the Lysander-Slater Preferred Share…

The Dot Plot Thickens

The Federal Reserve’s dot plot was created in 2012 post the financial recession of 2008 / 2009. In 2012, like recent times, interest rates were virtually at zero. The dot plot was created to give Fed…