Lysander Funds Limited Announces Reduction in Risk Ratings and Change to Distribution Frequency of Certain Funds

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, December 15, 2017 – Lysander Funds Limited (“Lysander”) announced today a reduction in the risk ratings of eight of its mutual funds and a change in the distribution frequency of one of its mutual funds.

In accordance with the new standardized methodology for classifying fund volatility mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators, Lysander has lowered the investment risk rating of certain of its funds, as follows:

Fund Previous Risk Rating New Risk Rating
Lysander-Canso Corporate Value Bond Fund Low-to-Medium Low
Lysander-Canso U.S. Credit Fund Low-to-Medium Low
Lysander-Canso Broad Corporate Bond Fund Low-to-Medium Low
Lysander-Canso Balanced Fund Medium Low-to-Medium
Lysander-Slater Preferred Share Dividend Fund Medium Low-to-Medium
Lysander-Roundtable Low Volatility Equity Fund Medium Low-to-Medium
Lysander-Fulcra Corporate Securities Fund Medium Low-to-Medium
Lysander-Canso Equity Fund Medium-to-High Medium

In addition, Lysander has amended the frequency of distributions of Lysander-Roundtable Low Volatility Equity Fund to annually from monthly. No changes have been made to the investment objectives, investment strategies or management of any of the funds.

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Lysander is the trustee and investment fund manager of the funds noted above. The head office of the Manager is located at 100 York Blvd., Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1J8.

For further information on Lysander, please visit or or you can reach Lysander at 1-877-308-6979.

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