Who is Lysander Funds?

Lysander Funds partners with independent, experienced investment managers with sound and focused investment strategies to provide cost-effective investment solutions.

Investors can access Lysander’s pooled funds, mutual funds and closed-end fund solutions through IIROC Investment Advisors and MFDA dealers.

How does Lysander Create Value?

Too often, individual investors select investment funds based on name recognition instead of selecting the funds which best match their investment needs and risk preferences.

Due to the noise and expense of financial product marketing, smaller boutique and independent investment managers do not enjoy the same access to the network of Investment Advisors and sales support as large firms. This means they often cannot attract the audience they deserve.

Lysander eschews the jargon, investment fads and associated marketing costs of the mainstream fund management industry, preferring to focus on sensible and independent investment management.

Our Aviation Story and Mission

Lysander Funds is named after an aircraft, the Westland Lysander which began service at the start of the Second World War. The Lysander was revered by its pilots for its innovative wing design and exceptional performance, flying covert missions behind enemy lines.

Lysander’s original mission was to deliver the portfolio management skill of Canso to individual investors. Recognizing that investment skill based on independent research, excellent client service and education were the keys to this mission, Lysander is focused on dealing with experienced Investment Advisors. Lysander has succeeded well in this mission, bringing Canso portfolio management skill to over $3.0 billion in pooled, mutual and closed end funds.

Both the Lysander and Canso were aircraft that flew in the Second World War. They earned their reputation for rugged reliability, endurance and versatility in both war and peace. These two aircraft embody our theme of disciplined and proprietary research applied in portfolio management to consistently add value in turbulent financial markets.

Lysander Partner Portfolio Managers

In 2012 Lysander expanded its fund offerings with the goal of giving Canadian investors access to the investment expertise of other experienced and independent portfolio managers. Lysander has selected these specialist portfolio managers with similar attributes to those driving Canso’s success, namely a skilled investment process based on independence and active management.

Today, Lysander’s offerings has grown to 21 funds across multiple asset classes, with access to eight unique managers:

Canso Investment Counsel: Credit and Deep Value, Balanced and Global Equity, since 2009;
Crusader Asset Management: Canadian Equity Income, since 2012;
18 Asset Management: Canadian Equity, since 2012;
Seamark Asset Management: Balanced and Global Equity, since 2015;
Slater Asset Management: Preferred Shares, since 2015;
Triasima Portfolio Management: Balanced and World Equity, since 2016;
Roundtable Capital Partners: Low Volatility Equity, since 2016;
Fulcra Asset Management: Balanced, since 2017